Pine Run United Methodist Church Officers

Chair of Administrative Council
    Doug Bower

Vice Chair of Administrative Council
    Jeanette Brown

Secretary of Administrative Council
    Lois Waltz

Lay Leader
    Doug Bower

Associate Lay Leader
    Harry Bigelow

Lay Member to Annual Conference
    Jennifer Cline

Alternate Member to Annual Conference
    Ray Huggins

Members at Large (Administrative Council)
    Elmer Smith, Dave Jarrett, Marvin Willits, Clyde Myers

Evangelism Chair
    Brenda Freezer

Missions Chair
    Maxine Robinson

Coordinator of Prayer Chain
    Diana Worth

Worship Space Ministry
    Janet Lovell, Lori Mosso, Patty Snyder

    Deb Bigelow/Martha Myers

Choir Director
    Deb Bigelow

Usher Coordinator
    Mark Smith

Media Worship Committee
    Bob Worth, Mike Beckman, Harry Bigelow, Holly Worth, Diana Worth

Secretary (membership)
    Shirley Smith

Publicity Coordinator
    Jennifer Cline

Church Historian
    Kim Smith

Chair of Fianance Committee
    Larry Lovell

Church Treasurer
    Lynette Bower

Financial Secretary
    Larry Lovell

Assistant Financial Secretary
    Pete Wingo

Parish Treasurer
    Janet Lovell

Audit Committee
    Ray Huggins, Lori Mosso, Marvin Willits

Chair of Trustees
    Mike Beckman

Sunday School Superintendent
    Orie Cline

Children's Coordinators
    Diana Worth, Sally Wingo

Sunday School Secretary/Assistant
    Shirley Smith/Brenda Freezer

Sunday School Treasurer
    Helen Carpenter

Directors of Vacation Bible School
    Jennifer Cline, Lori Mosso

Youth Leaders
    Scott Koser, Lori Mosso

Family Coordinators
    Ann Sechrist, Sally Wingo

Lay Leadership
    Class of 2011 - Helen Carpenter, Jennifer Cline
    Class of 2012 - Harry Bigelow, Kris Wingo
    Class of 2013 - Kate Smith, Nancy Willits
    Youth Representative - Desiree Worth
    Lay Member - Doug Bower

Board of Trustees
    Class of 2011 - John Council, Cathy Fink, Don Smith
    Class of 2012 - Mike Beckman, Andrea Carpenter, Dave Jarrett
    Class of 2013 - Bob Koser, John Brown, Ray Huggins

Pastor-Parish Relations Committee
    Class of 2011 - Larry Lovell, Marvin Willits
    Class of 2012 - Sally Wingo
    Class of 2013 - Dave Jarrett, Rick Koleno, Bessie Edwards
    Youth Representative - Desiree Worth
    Lay Members - Doug Bower, Jennifer Cline